Saturday, July 4, 2009

Was He There?

We attended a Fourth of July Celebration hosted at the consulate here in Chennai by the U.S. Consulate General. Met a lot of interesting people who have made their careers the service of their county.
Was our new president there? There was an amazing likeness on the celebration cake.
There was a life sized rendition for a photo op.
Most important we were there and it was another year of celebrating an important holiday. We have probably spent over fifty July fourths together. We have enjoyed the company of good friends on this day and always the gathering in of family to mark the birth of our nation. In the fourth grade I learned to sing all four verses of the national anthem and it was then that parents and teachers instilled in me a deep love of this land - this beautiful nation that was brought forth to give all a pure freedom.

Let's not loose the progress we have made and let's get better everyday with seeing that freedom is ALWAYS extended to ALL.
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Jenny said...

Miss you today even more than Christmas. Happy 4th of July.

Elizabeth said...

Miss you too and being together on Grandma's beach. I am glad you had a fun celebration.

Bob and Joan said...

Do you remember the year we took our big tampoline apart and hauled it to San Clemente and down on the beach? Fun!

Jaime said...

I remember learning how to dive through the fountains even though it made mom nervous-
I also remember eating hamburgers and drinking 7-up, which might sound simple, but both of those were a rarity

love you guys and happy 4th! how great you were able to high-5 Obama in India!

Didgi Diva said...

Hi Joan and Bob, Thinking of you both and missing you on this holiday. I feel as you do about the freedoms we enjoy in the US which is why I am so proud of my son and two grandsons that are currently serving this country. I ask God to Bless them and you in the missions that you are performing in HIS name. Love Sharon Muse

KarenM said...

Great 4th post mom! Looked like you had a fun day. Love the Obama touches.

Totobird said...

Happy 4th :) these our great picture and the cake looks really good! I miss you guys and hope you're well!

Didgi Diva said...

Joan and Bob

We had the memorial for my mother who passed in June of this year just this Sat. night. It was beautiful and I think she loved it. I miss you Joan very much. I am going to be entering a different phase of my life with my husband retiring in Jan. 2010 so I am both anxious and hopefull. God Bless you both and your mission. Love Sharon