Thursday, July 2, 2009

Filthy Lucre

This picture shows about the amount of money we use a month to run around doing what we do. There are three stacks of 10 Rp notes and some 100Rp bills. The tens are vital because auto drivers NEVER have change. They already charge us too much and we let them charge us just enough too much to give them a bit extra help but not to mess too much with the economy for our neighbors. The price of gas went up 4 Rps today. This is very difficult for the working man up in India.

Once while in the bank we saw stacks of tens. Now we go at the first of every month and get a supply. It saves lots of time. Now notice the three stacks of tens. The one on the right is brand new. The front one is a little less new and the one at top back looks like a lot more money because it is full of sweat and dirt. That is Chennai.
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Elizabeth said...

What a cool photo!

Elizabeth said...

Chris and Leina like the Ghandi money.
Love you, Chris