Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time Out For Another Wedding

This is the bride at a wedding that started at six in the morning. Of course it was an hour and a half late starting, but we still have trouble not being there on time. At the reception the night before the bride wore rubies and this morning her gold is adorned with diamonds.

This wedding was traditional Hindu and lots of gold was given to the couple. Many guests gave them gold rings and we were gifted with a coconut as we were leaving.
After greeting the new couple and presenting our gift we went upstairs for dinner at the Saturday night reception and at the wedding the next morning we were offered breakfast. This event introduced us to a new food. We still do not know the name, but it came in a cup and was pudding like but thin. We kept watching to see how some were eating this and saw a couple of empty cups but we were never able to catch any one actually eating this item until we finally looked up to see two men dumping theirs on the plates and stirring the concoction around with their fingers. Nope! Just could not do it. Right then a little cup of ice cream was served and I used the accompanying wooden spoon for the pudding and the ice cream. Saved! Dutifully I eat with my fingers but I still don't like it and there are limits.
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Jaime said...

oh that is just too funny! how cool you got to attend this wedding-it looks like it was straight from a movie