Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Pipe On Our Street

It looks like we will not be having wedding marches on our street anytime soon as we are getting new pipes. We have heard from many sources that big street projects can come out of bid for twenty thousand but not get started for a very long time and when they finally get built there is only five thousand for the project. The quality is never too good and no one seems to know what happend to the fifteen thousand. The next big street over had work like our street and is still not finished after months. Things were different here because the next morning our street was drivable. Someone in the neighborhood knows someone the government!

Lots of work here is done by hand but more and more machines are creeping in. One of the best things India does is hire lots of people. The stores are full of clerks and every job has a group on board.
These men will be busy with their picks soon fine tuning the digging but for now they rest until the back hoe has done its job. Indians are not only hard workers they are smart too.
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