Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I packed everything four months ago and it was a good thing.
Last night the final two bags, our carryons, would not hold our
clothes. Well wouldn't hold mine so I kept putting things in
Bob's. At the end I decided to pack his new shirts with the
wrappings so the collars would stay fresh. I added ties and
thought we would be okay but I had forgotten socks. So grate-
ful for Priorty mailing. I grabbed a box, threw in socks and a
few bottles of vitimins that I couldn't squeeze into the four
check bags of nutritionals. We may have to indure the heat
but we will stay healthy. The socks will catch up to us in Utah,
and after a week of studying at the Mission Training Center the
white shirts will be limp and we will all fit on the plane to India.
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They told us that this virus was last seen in Chennai, India.
It's the only way we were talked into the 57 shots required
to travel to India. Bob said it was only fourteen!
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