Monday, August 31, 2009

With This Second Celebration We Are Both Seventy

Meetings and lots of work on both our birthdays but on mine we stopped for a late lunch at Sparky's. You can get all kinds of American food which of course means Mexican and Italian. Even a Hawaiian plate lunch if you want.
Gifts and surprises. At Church you pass out candy to everyone after the meeting. The next week at Church I received a belated gift. This was presented to me in primary by the young children but it was made known that the beautiful blouse was picked out by our branch president.

One candle on our birthday treat because seventy candles would have melted the ice cream before we could enjoy it. Happy Birthday to us!
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We Had Birthdays in August

Checking out messages from home for our birthday.
Familiar treats couldn't be refused...
A N D a box came from San Francisco.
It was a do it yourself birthday cake Y U M !
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Home From Ooty

Traveling down the other side of Ooty it was tea leaves all the way home.
Plantation after plantation streatched out before us. Lovely green bushes clinging to steep hills

Workers filling huge bags. How do they keep from tumbling and rolling to the bottom?
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Photo At The Top Of Ooty

We thought we should take a photo of all of us at the top and before we could pull out our cameras we had made lots of new friends.
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Ooty - View From The Top

You could ride or hike to the top...

And view the growing crops and town below.
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Last Look At Ooty

One more look at the town and then in the bus to ride to the very top.

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Friends At Ooty

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Keeping The Gardens At Ooty

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Man Made In Ooty

A beautiful garden in Ooty. You can't quite see bare feet enjoying grass for the first time in almost a year.
The Italian Garden...
Almost at the top of the Botanical Garden and later in the shade of ancient trees.
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No End To The Variety Of Ooty

What a change from the city with twelve million people.
Pure joy and...
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Forests Of Ooty

Great to run through the forests of Ooty...

Ask any monkey...
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Signs Of Ooty

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