Saturday, July 18, 2009

Breakfast On The Road

You could stop here for breakfast if you were out on the road. One day we did start out early and because we were traveling far we we did have a driver. He was hungry and needed to stop for breakfast. We had had papaya at home. He returned quickly and said it was too dirty. Lucky he was able to tell. Sometimes a place will seem fine but later you are paying a price. This has nothing to do with the class of the establishment. If you were in the restaurant of a fine hotel and noticed that everyone at a particular table was drinking coke you would know that they were seasoned travelers in India. Many travelers make it a practice to have a glass of coke after every meal to kill any bad things in the food. If coke is that powerful, what else does it do while it is inside you? One thing we did hear recently is that excessive coke drinking can cause kidneystones. Choose your poison.

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Elizabeth said...

Great photo/ Hope your keeping cool.