Monday, July 6, 2009

More Fourth

Many vendors came to the Fourth of July celebration to donate and round out the wares for sampling. The consulate general's wife was in awe over the variety. It was amazing - think See's candy shop times four and then think See's, Godiva, my grandmother and any other excellent, genius, obscure candy maker and you can visualize the offerings before us. THE COMPANY HONORED US WITH 233 VARIETIES - ONE TO REPRESENT EACH YEAR OF OUR INDEPENDENCE!

Indian sweets are very different. I haven't had enough of then to really know how to compare to something familiar. An orange flavored pan of sweets looks like a pan of not shiny jello with cashew nuts. The sweets may have various flours in them too. They are VERY sweet.

The best memory of past fourths for us is stopping early in the morning for fresh picked corn and then heading for San Clemente and the beach for an all day and evening party that ended with fireworks and sleepy children.

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Elizabeth said...

I am glad you decided to go. Can't wait till we can be together on a 4th of July.

joan said...

Was just reading your comment when a memory flashed. Do you remember your Grandma Sally and her friend Meta standing and singing patriotic songs just before the fireworks started? They began this tridition when they were in girls school together.