Sunday, July 12, 2009

Days Gone By

Take a look at a street in Chennai which was like this in the "good old days." On the far side of the street in a one block area you can count ten or eleven buses, a half dozen cars, a couple of delivery trucks and six to eight "two wheelers." We plan to show you what the traffic is like now. We have been having camera troubles but will have them solved soon. This time I have promised myself not to take pictures until I have read AND UNDERSTAND ALL THE DIRECTIONS. Soon, however, there will be a post on traffic. We have learned to take the little autos. It is hot but they scoot in and out and get through bad traffic easier and you also meet lots of interesting people and that is what we came to India to do.

It seems that there has been a mighty change in traffic since only three years back. If you count five years back you can't even recognize your own childhood street.

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