Sunday, July 12, 2009

NOT More Fourth Of July

These fireworks are all about our excitement. Our own personal celebration. A couple of days after the fourth of July we got an email that said that our new Church location had been approved in Hong Kong. Two weeks before that we had gotten a "no" from Hong Kong unless we cut costs by 50%. Would it be possible? We sent a list to Bangalore of everything we could think of to cut and one of the architects went to the Bangalore office and all of a sudden there were enough costs cut to make a new meeting place a reality.
We have room for seventy or so in our chapel now - the new space will let us have 150. Now we have seven teaching stations and we will increase to ten and also add a library and a clerks office. Everyone is so excited.

Fifteen years ago this grandmother was baptised. Last week her two grandsons were baptised. With plans for the new building approved we will have enough space so no one will have to sit in the hall.

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Elizabeth said...

What experiences you are having. That is great about the building.

Jenny said...