Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Breakfast is easy once you discover that you like papayas. You just walk across the street to the fruit lady and find the perfect fruit.
Read the morning paper while the fruit is disinfecting, an absolute must. AND
Except for all those seeds you are ready. India definitely produces man size papayas.
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Jenny said...

barefoot papaya breatfast, sounds great

Elizabeth said...

Those are gigantic. You look great Dad!

Jaime said...

just saw a show on what happens when you don't disinfect, yikes.
how do you disinfect?

Bob and Joan said...

I got this from a doctor in San Francisco who says because we now get food from all over we should disinfect.
Formula: 1/2 T. Clorox reg.(not lemon scented) bleach to one gallon water.Separate bath for each type food...
leafy veg. 15 min
root veg. 30 min
thin skin fruit - berries, peaches
apricot, plums 15 min
thick skin fruits apples, citrus, bananas 30 min
meat (best frozen) 20 min
not frozen meat 2 min
Remove and place in clear water for ten min and then dry and store...everything floats so weight it with lid or big platter to keep it under water.