Sunday, February 28, 2010

If It's White It's Sunday

Two young men were baptized. One came after more than twelve months the other in a hand full of weeks.
Diligent missionaries and the truth are the answer.

A very happy day for all. The end results of spiritual experiences!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

That's Entertainment

We were thinking that we might be in India for two years and never get to a cultural event. We did see some children performing at a big outdoor program when we were sight seeing at an old church associated with St. Thomas. Then our friend who happens to be an auto driver started talking about street performers coming soon to Chennai. It is a special government program to support the arts. Performers came from all over India. Each was paid 800Rps. a day ($15.00) which doesn't seem like much, but the economy is not too good and entertainment is the first to be neglected. The "gig" went on for 15 days.

Our friend picked a day when he thought it would be less crowded. He dropped his wife and daughter at the park and then came for us. She called him and said that all the seats were taken so he borrowed two chairs from the security guard and took them to the park for us. He placed them right up front and the show began.

As fancy and as daring as other acts were these dancers of eight woman and eight men were my favorites. They all danced in a circle and then the women lined up across the back. Four men came from one side clear across dancing all the way. As they faced the four men on the other side it was easy to see that the challenge was on. With dance steps they quickly returned to their side. The other four approached the first four with different dance steps then quickly retreated. This went on over and over, back and forth. Each time the opposing group of men came across the stage with a more vigorous an inventive step than the last.

The audience was amazed.

We thought it could go on forever, but then on one swoop the other team did not follow and these men tapping back into place were declared the winners!

Monday, February 8, 2010

This Sunday, Are Two Pictures Worth Two Thousand Words?

A whole family including a little princess...
The man in the center and his daughter were baptized the end of December. Today he celebrated his birthday by bringing his whole family to Church.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

United Colors of Warmth

You would think that international brands couldn't just run their ads in every country, but with all the heat it still works here. A recent winter sale was well populated.

The other morning we were zipping across town in an auto and noticed a woman on her motor bike. She wore a pair of leopard print ear muffs. We asked the driver why she was dressed that way and he replied, "Because of the cold." They must be right because lots of people are sick and the fevers last sometimes a month. We don't disbelieve them, but it is still 85 degrees warm to us!!!