Friday, July 30, 2010

Endure To The End

The finishers. The whole Primary came including a little girl from across the street and they finished all their cooking right on schedule. Our last job was to sample everything.
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After Hard Work

The finished product.
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Lots of onion makes a good chutney..........................................

Bring on the heat................................................

You can never have too many cooks................................

One little burn so now everyone take a step back.
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Primary Cooks

Lots and lots of chopping..............................
Fresh ingredients.........................................
Compatible cooks..........................
You don't always have to grind coconuts on the floor, but this machine was a little broken and a knee had to be involved for a firm hold.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Members of the Chennai District gathered to honor our out going Mission President. President and Sister Nichols were in the city for a multi zone conference and met afterwards with members...

To connect with young members who had been on missions. Now it was time to meet family and new children who had been born in these last three years.

We said goodbye too. The Nichols are now in Alaska and we are continuing to "hold down the fort" in Chennai. Chennai use to be called Madras and there is a fort here.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

In The Kitchen

One of the first people we met in India made us both aprons and kitchen head gear. Elder McKinley has become a breakfast expert.

During the hottest month of June and even starting as early as May this good man covers all kitchen duties 100 percent!
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Out To Dinner

It was one of the young missionary's birthday and this family invited all four of us to dinner. Their home is very small but love and hospitality...

Expanded it to create a fine restaurant. We enjoyed tasting several dishes with a different flavor than we had experienced before.

This is their bedroom and it became a place of great cuisine.

We ended the day with very happy feelings. Their plans were successful and we had eaten a perfect meal. (You may have observed from this picture that the family expanded from before dinner. A young neighbor is always there every time we come. He has a great five year old way. Holding up two fingers one on each hand he will say, "Watch the magic," and the hands go behind him and back out as he says, "I can turn two into ten." Sure enough there are ten fingers wiggling in the air.)
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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Three people were baptized Sunday at the second branch.
This young man and......
These two friends were the first to be baptized in....
Our new font. The old one had engineering problems and began to leak. Our new one does not have stairs on the outside, but nothing stops the work. A step of bricks leading to chairs and our friends were ready for their hearts desires.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ironing Man On Our Street

The ironing man and his assistant work on our street. Besides long sarees and wide bedding they handle shirts beautifully.
The huge iron is filled with hot charcoal and they go to work. The assistant also gathers clean laundry from around the neighborhood then returns the finished work later that day. Does this seem an old fashion way to handle clothing? If you stand and watch for awhile...........
Like we did you will see that low-tech meets high-tech. Everyone in India has a cell phone.
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Second Clue

You can see that something is happening on the sidewalk of our street. What is it? Does this second clue help?

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

What Is Happening?

This is our street very near our home. What is going on here? The other side of the world from us is asleep. When you wake try to guess what is happening. Post your comment and leave your guess. We will give you a second clue in your evening. Who will be first to figure the answer to this question?
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Our Street

Last year we were trying to talk about what goes on up and down our street. We got a little start but like anywhere life swooped in and got in the way of our plans. Finally we have caught up on the pictures of baptisms, conference, new districts and a bit of traveling. Well almost. There is one more baptism to be posted that we had to get out of another camera.

On our street you can buy coconuts. Every morning we hear the cries as vendors advertise their wares. If we spoke Tamil we could tell you all the things that are available, but all we know is that the cries for customers are enticing and unique.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Families

Two families in the same day. The parents were first and then their sons came second.
The second family came all together.
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Baptism For Brothers

Two great brothers. Each in their own time.
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Everyone Came

The whole family including the grandmother came for the baptism.
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