Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Street

Really, yesterday when I posted about the fruit lady was when I realized it was a perfect time to talk more about our street. You saw the wedding that at first sounded like music coming from the neighborhood school stadium. This little cart is in the same category. Very, very loud. This photo was taken back at the first of the year and a neighbor is buying some religious token in celebration of the harvest for Pongal.

The cart does not come everyday. It probably leaves from the Hindu temple down the street. It comes down the main street and turns right at our side street and continues past another school (another post for another day) Music blares loudly, and at first you think it is another parade as a woman sings in a high pitched nasal chant. She sounds like a misguided twelve year old. I am respectful of her expression of her beliefs but after months of this sound it still grates on my ears.

Yesterday I was working at a woman's home and she was playing this kind of music and I noticed my shoulders swaying. YIKES! Am I embracing this sound? As soon as I return to California I will play Ella Fitzgerald and Nora Jones to mellow out my brain.
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Elizabeth said...

You will need a definite noise detox I am sure,

Chris said...

Hi Mom and Dad,
I am on the road again. Time at Liz's was great and I am still having reentry pains. It's weird not waking up to the sounds of the kids, the wind, and the birds. I had some good visits with Jason and Heather too.

i am in Bellevue, Washington with Guillermo and the girls. He is doing the same show that you went to a few years ago. Toto and I were just reliving our drive together. It is still beautiful here and we were able to pick and eat wild blackberries this morning for breakfast. The art show starts tomorrow and run through Sunday. Our friends Eric and Denise are doing the show again too and we will be spending a few extra days together on one of the islands (we are still working out the details) fishing, swimming, relaxing...
Lots of love - C