Sunday, July 26, 2009

This One Was Hindu Through and Through

With a Hindu wedding there seemed to be a lot of extra arrangements. Everything had to be placed just so and the fire lit in the oil burners and kept going and kept going at just the right brightness. We were seated on the front row so I picked up a lot of tips on fires.
There were fruits and grains displayed and the coconut in the middle was carefully decorated with leaf and flowers and a delicate gold charm was tied around the middle.
As the ceremony progressed this charm was removed from the coconut and tied around the bride's forehead. Later several female guests came up and offered other gold charms and tied theirs in place with the first one.
The bride eventually was heavily adorned with gold. Little by little we will learn more about all of the tradition. Is it all real? Do you rent jewels for the wedding. What ever the answer one thing we noticed is that the door to the room where the bride was dressed was carefully locked every time someone came out. There must be a reason.
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Elizabeth said...

Still going to weddings halfway across the world. Love you!