Sunday, July 19, 2009

The End Of The Papaya Breakfast

There is always traffic on our street until about ten at night. You learn to block it out, but something made us look as we heard the sound of a truck coming to a stop. Were lots of people hungry for papaya? A whole truck load?
No, it was a movie crew come to film our fruit lady. Well our former fruit lady! Before coming to India we were instructed to read Culture Shock India. We did and it said "always listen to your maid." Unfortunately, she arrived one morning as we were buying papayas across the street. The maid went into a tirade about not buying from this woman. It was a mixture of English and Tamil and the word "bad" was mentioned and we don't know if it was directed to the woman or the fruit but,

Now we shop for fruit several blocks away at a regular fruit market because that is where the maid sent us. The fruit lady? We will never know, but we are happy that now she is a movie star.
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Elizabeth said...

The mysterious papaya, you may never know the reason.

Jack said...

I'll keep my eyes open for her throughout the year in the big flicks...maybe you will be in the background!