Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Sound Of Music

One Saturday afternoon we heard music coming from the school a few blocks away. It was sensational and varied and we imagined a giant stadium filled with people all enjoying a wonderful concert. This went on for over an hour and we loved it all. Reminded us of the superb university band at USC. All of a sudden the music started coming closer and we looked out the window to see this truck with speakers. It was a wedding and only a block down the street from our home.
The guests had been at the bride's home and were now on the way for the marraige.
And there was a band although we don't think all of the great music was theirs.

Never the less they cheered the guests as they, some of them, danced down the street.
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Jaime said...

how wonderful! and again I ask, why don't we do that here?

Elizabeth said...

That is awesome that it came right down your road. It reminds me of the time the police were all up and down our street in Korea during that student protest. Not alike at all but that it is something unexpected on your street.