Friday, May 29, 2009

Weddings or Baptisms

I was going to tell you what we have learned about weddings but I am getting so far behind in baptisms and our camera broke , actually we brought two and both have problems at the same time so there are many pictures of these important moments missing. Both cameras have batteries problems. The one uses rechargeable batteries and I was prepared with five and none will recharge. The other has the batteries that let you lick the ends and get one more picture so I have this moment saved. This one is important because there is a little subtle symbolism represented. The young man on the right was baptised several weeks ago. His shirt of choice then was pink. Notice the white shirt and tie. This day his older brother was baptised. With more knowledge and an increase of the spirit comes outward manifestation of the obedience of the soul.

This is us on the south side of the city. The other couple here spend part of the week at an orphanage and now they will be there three Sundays a month to help with primary. Since the first of the month I have been helping with the primary on the north side and we come to both meetings as much as we can. They are both held at the same time. Now we will have to get even more inventive to be able to cover both sides of the city on the same day. (Interesting note: The list of required clothes for missionary sisters states that we are not to wear the local dress. However, most visiting woman here do and missionary sisters who work with children in classroom settings find the style you see here very practical and so they have adopted this loose pant and long over blouse that is the next step from sarees here in India.

Bottom line, lots of weddings in May and even more baptisms. The young man in the south of the city and five here last Sunday in the north - a young man and a family of four.

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