Monday, June 29, 2009


Carrots. They look the same. They taste the same. They should be the same in India. I saw this big bin full of relatively small carrots and bought two sacks full. They keep well enough and the small ones are handier. We usually find them least three times bigger.
Now the green beans look the same and taste the same. We like them steamed or in vegetable soups. But the carrots have a unique trick. No matter how well they are scrubbed eight out of ten carrots have a little crunch of sand once or twice a carrot. It has to be inside the carrot. How do Indian carrots grow around a grain of sand?
Another intriguing thing. When you check out, all of your produce at various prices are piled on a scale together.
The checker seemed to pick up one bunch and know immediately what price to charge. It was not too mysterious it just looked like it. It was a subtraction instead of an adding machine. The real mystery is how all the fruits and vegetables maintain themselves and don't
tumble of and roll into the street.
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KarenM said...

That is funny, but I guess subtraction is just as good as addition.

Elizabeth said...

Baby would love those carrots.