Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good People

Our latest young man to be baptized. He wants to be involved in some way in the nursery field. Just before he decided to be baptized he was working on a big project as the director of the first in Chennai flower show. We went to visit and admire his accomplishment. I posed him in front of this sign over the ticket window. It was just before he decided to commit to baptism and get on with his life.

Over and over again there are beautiful stories. A young fourteen year old boy was baptized and his mother gave permission but she wanted to wait and be baptised with her husband (who has lots of problems with addiction). She watched her son and saw him praying and having lots of changes in his life and she wanted that too. She went ahead on her own to be baptized. The mother and son travel two and a half hours each way using two buses to come to Church. She gets up at four in the morning to cook for her husband before she leaves Sunday morning.

In May we had ten baptisms in our branch.
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