Monday, June 22, 2009

The Cart

One of our sons suggested that we hire an ox and cart for moving. We were tempted. The first thing we had to do was find a good place and it was not easy. We found a huge older apartment filled with big carved beds and the neighborhood was interesting so we were sold.
Details were worked out and contract printed and sent from Bangalore. The owner said he wanted one more day to read the contract. THEN THE PHONE CALL. He was very sorry but his cousin brother was coming from Africa for an operation and he must give the apartment to him. Then we found a brand new apartment. Beautiful marble floor and fine wood work. It was owned by several family members so it took several days of meetings and lots of back and forth. FINALLY THE PHONE CALL. We were not Hindu enough.
Now we found this apartment but we must meet the landlord. We arrive in the evening and there is another prospective renter there. They are talking in Tamil. We are hoping. Yes! the other man left and the apartment was ours.
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Elizabeth said...

So glad you have a place to call home.

SkipCurtis said...

The prayer request was sent ths evening. It was great to hear your voice and know that Elder Bob was busily engaged in the work. The blog is beautifully set up. All the best! And if you need anything else ... Skype!