Friday, June 26, 2009


I told a friend we have had over a month of 104 degree weather. In reality about every fourth day it cooled to 102 degrees. Bottom line is we must be prepared for two months of extreme discomfort next year. Every morning we search for a change. Winds come but they are HOT ones. People tell you it starts in April but April was just regular hot. Some say May is the worst, but June was worse yet. Some say rains come and cool every thing, but one man told us the rain just forces the heat out of the soil and it gets hotter. One said that it is hard to get around in the rain, but in June we have had only rain three evenings, hard but for only an hour. Many say the rains don't come until September. One man claims that since the tsunami no one knows anything.

BUT we have hope! This morning it was hotter in the living room than the deck. We opened the bedroom window and the wind on that side was even stronger and the draperies knocked a water glass over. We tied them up and let the wind blow for a half hour before the temperature began to climb. It will take about four days to know if the real change has come and we can get out of the "oven" and enjoy just hot summer days. Maybe the change is here. MAYBE!!!
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Elizabeth said...

Hope you get some relief soon!!!