Monday, June 22, 2009

Changing Of The Guard

The orange purse had things added at every airport as we were on our thirty hour trip to India. On some flights our carry on bags were the right size. All of a sudden in Germany they became too big and were taken and added to the checked luggage. Then the orange purse had to handle an extra change of clothes in case the other suitcases were misplaced (or hopefully not LOST).

A report had come back to Bangalore to our president that our apartment in Chennai was not good and needed to be replaced. The report was right plus more. Also the apartment was on the ground floor and had hundreds of bugs. After we moved out I cleaned all day to get it ready to turn over to the landlord. This will give an idea why we didn't want to unpack our suitcases. One item, however was brought out right away. Several of my daughters bought me this amazing handbag. It was designed by a woman who was frustrated one day as she dug through her purse looking for a particular item. she was inspired by the plastic basket in her dishwasher that holds silverware and knives. This purse is full of zippers, spaces and cubbies of all shapes and sizes. I can immediately find a pen, lipstick or Gospel pamphlet with the tips of my fingers. Digging is a thing of the past!

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