Friday, June 5, 2009

What We Know About Weddings

We have attended three weddings in May so we are not experts but there are somethings that we think we have figured out. Weddings here in India will start late, about an hour and you will eat the same menu off a banana leaf at every wedding.
The cake will be huge or small works just as well. The dinner is the attraction. Chicken biryani is very popular here. Maybe that is why you find it as the main dish at every wedding. When the food is ready, move or you will eat second or third. Everyone eats with their hands of course. The tables are narrow and no one sits opposite you. This is good. I will never know what I look like as my fingers try to get ever bit of rice in my mouth.
The bride and groom are up on a stage or stand and king and queen like chairs are placed to give them extra honor. At all weddings they wear these massive flower leis. Everyone must pose with the bride and groom for a professional picture which also includes video shots. The wedding album is huge!
As the ceremony ends they pause first to sign all legal documents and then they cut the cake. Before you eat or after, you can get in line to present your gift to the bride and groom. At all three weddings we have been pushed forward to present our gift. They don't call it "cuts," but we felt awkward going ahead of others. Our protests were ignored. Age rules here and as people die younger in India it makes us senior sages. Oh, how you would like to not be reminded of your age but everyday someone steps forward to watch over you.
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Michele said...


I LOVE reading this blog. Your pictures and comments make me feel almost like I am there. Thank you so much for keeping up with it.

Michele Carnohan