Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have put this post off but for those who want to know life in India I will put this as gently as possible. These pictures are all from the newspaper so as not to get into personal privacy. Every time we are out there are sad scenes along the sidewalk, but I never take my camera out.
The picture and article above came out after a child died from punishment from a teacher. Always lots of talk after it is too late and most often just talk and not much action.

This one is a success story. A kind, understanding social worker arrived in time to stop a child marriage.

This looks like a big, happy family, but it is just a group of orphans banding together to create a feeling of family that they miss so much. To keep orphans safe they often live in an almost jail like situation - old and filled with smells of the worst kind.

Okay, so you have a family and they have enough money for modern clothes and to send you off to college where you can be happy with your friends. Is everything good? We could wish but the pressure to do well in school is so tremendous that if grades are posted and yours are low it may be too much for you. You decide to give up on life in the most devastating way.

Yesterday there WAS a very happy moment. Seven babies ages a year and a half down to a few months were recovered from a kidnapping ring.

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Jaime said...

makes me want to wake my babies up and hug and kiss them...thanks for helping me adjust my perspective

Elizabeth said...

Oh so sad!

Jenny said...

it is great that you are there to observe and bear witness that it does not have to be that way.