Sunday, June 14, 2009


Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a lot of home remedies that have brought relief and healing. This time it seemed wise to seek a doctor. I might have gone a couple of days earlier if I had know they had door men in fancy dress.

In India when someone is sick the whole family will go for support, that would mean extended family too - all the aunties and uncles. This practice makes huge crowds every where.
At any given minute there will likely be a crowd streaming in and out the main door. The lobby with its wide marble floors reminds you more of a train station than a waiting room.
This is Chennai heat for you. By mid afternoon the door man had to take off his turban or risk becoming one of the patients.
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Elizabeth said...

Everything so different. Big crowds at the hospitals here though. Kalani just got home from the ER with Kai. Still very sick but had an iv so he is more hydrated.