Sunday, June 21, 2009


We have already mentioned that Chennai has three seasons, hot, hotter and hottest. Another season is mosquitoes and not. Right now we are in the not season. It is nice not to close the house at five PM. The trade off is the 104 temperature. Today it cooled to 102.
Last night there was lots of lightening for an hour and a driving rain for a bit. So the question is will it be enough moisture to start the mosquitoes again.

If the mosquitoes come at least the bees left this morning. A man was to come a week ago and never showed up. Yesterday the watchman brought a second man. He is a driver for one of the families in our building. They were to come at four this morning and showed up at six so some of the bees were stirring.

This is how it happened. The night watchman came and so did the day watchman. They both stood with the door cracked and kept giving advice to the driver who was on the balcony doing all the work. This is what the driver did and how he was dressed. He first wadded up a big piece of burlap then set it on fire. Next he dressed himself with a motorcycle helmet with a full face mask. Then he wrapped himself in a tarp. After smoking the bees away he cut the honey comb down and put it on a very large platter, covered it and took it away. Through all of this he was barefoot. Oh, the simple life! We often turn toward too much technology.
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Elizabeth said...

That is funny.
Missing you both so much!