Monday, March 30, 2009

Where We Crowd In And Go To Church

The front of the chapel.

Imagine this hall at the end of Church when 100 plus people are gathered and trying to visit. And they came from the Chapel that now has three more rows added to the front so you run the risk of having to tip your head way back to look up into the face of the speaker.
We inherited all the pretty woodwork from a start up company who failed before they started up. A new location would have to have "simplicity" as its theme.
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Jaime said...

All the pictures of the church make it so real. It is crazy that half way around the world the sameness seems so assuring.

Jenny said...

speaking of "sameness" I had the same thought as Jaime

Elizabeth said...

It is amazing that you can walk in and feel at home all over the world.