Saturday, March 7, 2009

Things We Can't Do

This is a shot of the young girls at Church practicing a dance to present in the Christmas program (December). See how much time
has passed and we still have not been able to blog the little movie we took at the same time. We know it involves YOU TUBE but it is still one of the things we can't do.

Everything here takes so much extra time. For two weeks we have been trying to get a cord for one of our cameras (We brought two cameras but only a cord for one and of course it is not interchangeable.) so we can download pictures into the computer. "No" was the answer at the first store, "tomorrow" was what we heard at the second and then "tomorrow" stretched into the next week.

Yesterday after meetings and missionary errands we saw the right brand of camera store , walked in and the man pulled a cord out of a camera set and sold it. How easy. Why was this so important to us? I accidentally took pictures at the start of the young missionary outing with no chip in the camera so the pictures were trapped inside until we got a cord for that camera. You will see the pictures in another blog and they are out of focus but at least they are part of the memories.

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