Thursday, March 19, 2009

All Of This In One Day

We started at seven in the morning and hoped to be back in town by seven in the evening so the missionaries could email their families - a must on every Wednesday evening. So moving through the day when we would have liked to sit under a shady decorated tree in the temple courtyard, we moved on.
These temples had stories to tell but on we went on...
Our guide for the carved hill took just 45 minutes so we could hear the whole history before we went on AND then we discovered that we were right on schedule so...
One of us stayed in the bus and finished back editorials from The Hindu while all the rest saw ______ and crocodiles. You notice that there is one picture and one name that didn't make it into this blog. (He whose name we don't speak while we are in India hoping that we will never see one. Please, please don't put it in the comments!)
So after the reptiles we moved on and in the dark we arrived back in Chennai at the peak traffic moment and two by two dropped the missionaries off at their requested corners. Looking across the wide multi laned streets, remembering there are no lanes in India, I felt like a mother sending her child on a round the world trip. It felt like they were ten years old and I was abandoning them. Instead they are "twentish", accomplished and responsible. Sure enough by nine that night we received calls that all were in and all had emailed their parents. Way to go men!
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Elizabeth said...

I have to admit I am glad there are no #$*%*'s in Hawaii.