Friday, April 3, 2009

All Things Bright And Beautiful

Twice this plant tried to bloom and never got a new flower. When I bought the plant I asked the nurseryman, "Does this plant bloom all year long or is it seasonal. The answer is ,"Yes." I broke an important rule from the travel book. Never ask if something IS because an Indian person will agree with you. "Is the Post Office down this street?" Well of course it is even if it isn't. So for four months I waited for the plant to repeat itself. One little try faded in two days of heat. Then one morning I went out on the deck and four different places on the plant had begun to flower. This time they were all successful.
If you look closely you will see that we even have weeds. I was so desperate for a garden that I have enjoyed the weeds for a month. They have tiny white flowers.

One morning not too long ago I looked out the bedroom window and the spreading tree that shelters the house across the street was almost bare. How grim our street was becoming. Well as you can guess there is not too much time for this kind of pondering and the next time I really took a look at the same tree it had re leafed and added clusters of yellow flowers. We discovered that winter in Chennai is about two weeks long, three tops.
We love to be out on the deck and enjoy a bit of nature. We spend at least three minutes there every morning. In the evening if you time it just right and the atmosphere is not too smoggy or sooty or what ever it is called here in India we can see the sun go down.
This is our best sun set. We love it when it is growing dark but you can still see a bit of blue sky. But as is the case with blessings there is opposition. In this case mosquitoes. One doctor in town said that during the hot months the mosquitoes disappear. I guess the high 90s are not hot enough. We will report on the little creatures when we move over into the 100s.
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Brittany and John said...

What beautiful flowers...they remind me of Uruguay...gorgeous flowers everywhere! We'll just be happy not to see rain or gray skies for 2 days straight.

Elizabeth said...

I am sorry you will have to trade mosquitoes for hot weather.
Your flower is beautiful. You have agreen thumb even way over there.