Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Tickets To Ride, These were "E" Tickets

Everyone who sat on this elephant said it was like being on top of the world. More emotional than you would expect.
Great big temple elephants with full make up. These missionaries thought that they would be in India for two years and never see an elephant. We surprised them with adding a temple location to our outing and their dreams were fulfilled.
The line was a popular place. No one wanted to pass up probably a once in a lifetime event.
Well, the senior missionaries made a command decision to stay on the ground. We would have an opportunity in Sri Lanka and the way up this elephant was by ankle. The elephant bent his knee and you stepped on his lower leg for the ride to the top. The word was the elephant's back was like a man's beard.
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Bridget said...

That is so cool. I once rode an elephant at the San Diego Zoo many years ago and I still remember it! My kids love the pictures and are hoping they get a chance someday too... A visit to India?

Elizabeth said...

I remember riding one at the wild animal park. I am sure they figured out that was a huge liability

Silvija said...

I think the senior missionaries were smart to remain on the ground! Even though it was tempting to be on top of the world, so to speak, it is a long way down!!! I speak from experience from just horseback riding 2 years ago, and then a broken back! And a horse is much closer to the ground! It is good that you are having such fun. You must be doing something right!