Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shuffel Off To Buffalo

Buffalo, that's in New York. If this is India it must be Bangalore. Here we go off on our out of town missionary conference. This is for all ages and in two days after we return we will go on a couples conference - you guessed it - out of town. All the fun in the same week.
Our first train ride in India. Here is the station in all of it's glory - Madras Central. Something old which is hard to find in a fast growing city. It is a brick building but many years ago it got painted. Someone finally came up with the idea to bring back the past and at least it is restored to brick red through the magic of paint

Inside it is very basic, but there are a few marble pillars echoing grandeur from days of colonial occupation. Somehow elegant can never trump freedom.
Many of us were more than on time. A couple were right on time and a couple late. We are a microcosm of the world.
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Elizabeth said...

the train station is cool

KarenM said...

Just saw all the new posts. You've been busy with traveling for sure! I love the cow on the beach. I saw a cow on the beach in Mexico. So nice of your neighbor to feed you when you were sick. xo