Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Ticket To Ride

With help from a friend actually several friends because we got some translation of this one and it made the trip perfect we found a bus and had a missionary outing. Two tourist spots and five to six hours in the bus was enough time to learn that this part of India looks all the same.It was about as dry as Orange County, California in the summer and as flat as Garden Grove. After a couple of hours we did see an isolated bump of a hill now and then about the size of Red Hill in Tustin that we climbed in my childhood. The dirt was red too. With sameness of terrain I used this time to catch up on the editorial pages of The Hindu.
The men's section of the bus. The bus drivers here like to play Tamil music and all the young missionaries sang along.

The singing was actually very good, but the smiles got bigger when we started passing out the treats.
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Elizabeth said...

oh my they look so young, I must be getting old. I still feel 18 though.