Friday, March 20, 2009

How Many People Does It Take?

If you are buying a refrigerator you definitely need lots of help.

Five will be perfect. Count the legs. You would think it important to get the right refrigerator. The perfect fit for you,

But you know when you have a suit made fit is high on your consideration list. So why now are there only two helpers?
Some left to work in the appliance store so you will be sure to have six people helping you buy an iron. In reality there were nine, but some got away before the photo was taken.
India does an amazing job being sure that lots of people have a job. Hope they can maintain it through this world economy crunch. It is delightful to have so much help. Someone in the large group around you will know the answer to any question you might have.
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Elizabeth said...

way to go Dad on already needing a smaller suit. You look great!