Monday, March 30, 2009

Where We Go To Church

Next should be our excursion to Sri Lanka but thought we had better show you where we go to Church because. . . when we got here in October the average attendance was 50 or so. Since the first of the year we have been blooming. The little chapel is designed for 70 and that is with not much room for your feet. Last Sunday we squeezed in 82. When we got to English class on Saturday a recent convert was teaching four of his friends and then they came into English. The four could not come again to Church the next morning because it was too far to come so soon again, but the same man brought another group of his friends and there were about 25 investigators there wno wanted to learn about Jesus Christ. We have a small overflow room with a window that lets us seat enough more to come up to about a 100.
We share sign space with Titan Eye. Up one fight of stairs is what they call here the first floor. Europe does this same numbering too. This is a high class building elevator all but so far we always take the stairs and keep our heart rates up.
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Elizabeth said...

What a great sign.