Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What Is Christmas Like In India?

What is Christmas like in India. If you are very busy you could almost miss it. About a week ago this thought came in our minds. Only one store that we saw had a "Merry Christmas" sign up. There are no twinkle lights. So you must focus on the things that you want to have have happen so they don't slip away in this strange land. There is gold trimmed silk in the cupboard with a small hole in one side so this can go around the base of the tree.
The tree you found in an old box is small but with a boost from a table the snow covered branches almost look real.
A fresh flower garland is not how you decorate at home but it is perfect for India. Eighteen people are coming for dinner so you want to set the scene so that they will feel at home for they are in this strange land too. You don't see Christmas so much here in India, but even though there are not a lot of outward signs, day by day you find that Christmas is in the hearts of the people.
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Silvija said...

I think the flower garlands are a lovely touch! How nice you can be unique in your Christmas decorating there! Who were all the people that came for dinner? Merry Christmas!


Jenny said...

HI was great sounds like you hada great Chirstmas there!

Chris said...

I was so happy to see your faces and talk to you. I am glad you were able to spend Christmas with so many happy and thankful people. Mom and Dad you must have felt right at home cooking for so many people. We are having a great tropical holiday and will be seeing Jason and Heather for the New Year. I love our family and feel so lucky to be related to my favorite people. Long distance hugs and kisses.