Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Young Man

This week, today another young man from our English was baptized along with a young married man who helped us with our computer. The young man's Hindu wife came to support him.
The young missionaries have started advertising our class on their contact cards so we may have an increase. Right now we have eleven or twelve students. We didn't have a class yesterday because we help put on a Super Saturday party for the Institute of Religion. Thirty-five people came, six were investigators. A nice light meal with desert, all ordered in, prepared for us food at less that a dollar a person. The rupee has amazing abilities to stretch.
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Elizabeth said...

Wow things are moving so quickly there.

Chris said...

Hi Dad,
Looks like you are right at home being back in the classroom. I bet you are having a great time. Pointer to teaching English - printed letters are much easier for learners to read and copy. I am sure your students are loving you as a teacher, you're a natural.