Thursday, December 11, 2008

Birds In The Rain

Where do little birds go when it rains? Saw these two guys taking shelter in our bedroom window. As we mentioned in the last post we were out in the storm on the third day but it wasn't until that night that we found out on the Internet that we had a cyclone. With no TV or radio it just looked like a monsoon condition. The little news list that pops up on the computer when we log on did not even mention the storm. Little by little we learned that the south half of the city was flooding much worse that our side on the north. After a week of rain the storm stopped for two days, but on Thanksgiving day at ten in the morning it started out again.
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Chris said...

Did it feel like Thanksgiving during the Monsoons? I associate so many memories to the weather. I wonder if you had a traditional American Thanksgiving. Where would you get the turkey?

Bob and Joan said...

The hostess had a turkey sourse she said and also a big cooker because her husband loves turkney. Well surprise, surprise this year. Other years she has hosted the elders and everything has been good. This year the turkey "flew" in from Bangalore and it still had all the feathers and its head. A very kind friend just happened by and he took care of the head. The turnkey looked great at dinner so someone did the feathers. Thanks to them too!