Thursday, December 11, 2008


Others had great troubles. Just before the rain got heavy we viewed neighborhood after neighborhood with people sitting and standing on the sidewalk looking down at their flooded homes. They had brought their bikes up to save them from damage. We learned that flood relief comes to only a few. The agency will single out people they know and give them money to help with recovery, get their picture in the newspaper and then the rest of the neighborhood never gets aid or relief.

We passed whole communities wiped out . Here a tiny black tent is all that is left of a hundred small homes.

A beautiful construction site flooded. The flood touched rich and poor, but the poor had no place to go so their suffering was greatest.
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Jenny said...

wow and the rainy season is only just beginning be careful out there

Chris said...

I am so glad that you and your home are safe and dry. It must be so hard to see others suffering and not be able to do anything about it. I heard form Liz that during their last storm Heather and Steve's house flooded. The rains came quickly and filled the BYU parking lot and the overflow ran right into their home. What a mess. I am sure you are seeing many clean up projects.

Bob and Joan said...

To be out the day after a storm is amazing in a general way. Nothing is fixed yet, but everyone has been off work for a week and now everyone is heading back to work. How it happens that they all are there at the same moment is a mystery, but it looked like the whole city was in motion.