Thursday, December 11, 2008

Traveling On Thanksgiving Day

Traveling to Thanksgiving dinner, we got to about the center of the city and then the rain got heavier and our driver began to talk. According to him 100 people in the south of the city had died in this storm. The center of the cyclone was south of the city and 200 more people died there. The newspapers did not have these numbers, but we were told later in the day that the drivers know more than the media. Days after the storm we talked to new friends and learned what their challenges had been. Our regular driver did not come for us because he had three feet of water in his house. The driver who did come for us had suffered the same problem but his house had been pumped. The men coming to pump were charging triple the regular price. Many people in the flood were killed because as the water came no one turned off the electricity.
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Elizabeth said...

That is so sad. I am glad you are okay.

Silvija said...

Where did you go for Thanksgiving? And why did they celebrate it there? Ron was travelling to Cyprus on that day, and I joined him 2 weeks later. We just got home 2 days ago. How scary to be out in that weather. You were very brave!


Chris said...

It sounds like the cyclone was tough on a lot of people. I am glad that you traveled safely that day and that you got to celebrate Thanksgiving with others.