Thursday, December 11, 2008


It rained again two days ago. They said that it was all over for the season, but we woke up to gray skies and an hour later it started to pour. We had contracts for apartments and checks to deliver so off we went. Some neighborhoods were okay but the street we went to had only about a foot of pavement in the very middle of the street that wasn't covered with water. An hour later the water had drained some so we walked for a few blocks to find an auto.

This was just one day of rain. The week before Thanksgiving it rained night and day for a week. The third day of that storm we were out looking at apartments for the young elders and as we raced down the street in an auto we noticed that we were the only ones on the road.We actually saw several buses but they were empty. A couple of hours later the rain was lighter and the buses moving around the city were full of people again. Meetings get cancelled and people stay home when it rains. We have heard that 60% of workers stay home during rain storms.

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Jenny said...

Sounds like you should have stayed home too, wow!

Chris said...

I love the picture of the rain and the palm. It is beautiful and awesome. I have never been in this type of rain I think I would be a bit overwhelmed.