Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas And Why We Have A Maid

We read in the guide book that everyone has a maid. We didn't have one at home and thought we would be fine without. However, a little lady knocked at our door and said that we shouldn't talk to anyone else and we should let her work for us. Finally we said yes, but on the first day when we need months of dust cleaned off the furniture she didn't want to do that work. Being assured that we would only ask her to do this one time she proceeded.

You have probably heard the maid's lament, "I don't do windows." Here it could be "I don't do floors." We have marble floors and they must be cleaned everyday. This is what the maid likes to do, but maids do not do corners and they use a funny little broom that lets them miss many places. Our maid comes three days a week and we gave her two weeks off for the holidays because we are gone very early in the morning then.

So WHY DO WE HAVE HER COME. It came in my mind that this would be a way to help someone. We are not allowed to give money and in general give to people on the street. (Although the day after Christmas. I had wonderful food left over from our big dinner and couldn't stand it. I bundled up three big cakes and lots of bread into a very large sack and when we were on the other side of town in a far away neighborhood I called for our driver to stop. Pulling off my identification badge, I leaped out of the car, crossed the street and to a group of five women sitting and numerous children sleeping on the sidewalk I gave the bag of food. Of course they asked for money and I didn't have anything in my hands and said , "no." That was best. Their job was to beg and mine to give and we both did our jobs that day the best we could.)

Why are we forbidden to help people with money. There is opposition to Christianity in India. If people who are opposed to Christians begin to get agitated they will stir up crowds and claim that you are "paying " people to become Christians. The police come and don't know what is happening and you can end up in jail. Jails have many in a common cell and lots are there for murder. You can get out but maybe if all goes well it will still take three days. So that said I promise to obey every rule at least until next Christmas
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