Monday, December 8, 2008

Weather In India Is A Big Deal!

We will start with today. It was the third day of absolutely balmy, breeze delight. We were with a local family last night and asked that if this weather was the "good" weather how long would it last. They thought about two weeks or maybe even until the end of December. After that the weather would day by day get hotter and hotter until in March it would be hot. In June they told us that we should expected the weather to be impossibly hot. We wondered how long the really, really bad weather would last and were told until August.
So we are loving the gentle breeze and the bit of cool ocean air. It makes you think that you are at the beach in Del Mar. You are fifteen years old, it is five in the afternoon, you and your friends arrived at ten that morning. Now the mist is blowing in off the Pacific and in a few minutes your ride home, mom, will arrive. Tomorrow you may do that same thing and it will be a great summer. Next year you will get a summer job, but for now you you have time to think and dream.
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Silvija said...

Spoken like a true lover of the beach! Those aren't exactly my memories of growing up in Long Beach, but they're close! I had to work in the morning, then go to the beach while aI took care of my little sister. But still wonderful! Enjoy the balmy days while they last!