Friday, May 14, 2010

This Does Not Look Like Shopping

We love the Leela Hotel in Bangalore. It has a welcoming and comfortable area right between the entrance and the garden where you can relax when you don't feel like shopping. This hotel is spacious with forty foot ceilings, and massive pillars. It is grand, elegant and very expensive. We don't even eat there. Coming nearer the end of our mission it was time to do a little shopping for family. We went to the Leela because.....
It has ambiance, a lovely quiet garden that ALMOST blocks the traffic noise of the street and it has a mall.
You can even bargain in this mall. Bargaining is not my thing and this may have been my first experience, I don't remember. However, I may try it again. I found an item at less than half the price of the one in the grimy mall in Chennai. There is some magic about ambiance.
Then why would I head for this street next if I can get beauty and price at the Leela Hotel? (See next post for the answer)Posted by Picasa

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Elizabeth said...

Wow, a pretty place for some respite. Love you!