Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Small Things You Don't See Easily

The children arrived on the bus from Pathway early and the couple missionaries who worked there were pleased that we had arranged good seats up front for the choir. The children had worked hard to prepare and could have just come up for their one number but this way they got the spotlight all morning.

These two young missionaries had spent a lot of months working in Chennai and now they were both together and back with us as assistants to the mission president. They had never been companions in Chennai. Now as companions they had combined their strengths and become a powerful duo to serve the mission and the president. And they never forgot to laugh. One of the mottoes of Chennai , we have many, is IF YOU'RE NOT HAVING FUN YOU'RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT.

Then after the meeting people started thinking and the thought spread like wind that it would not be so very many months before the mission president went home and picture taking started and then exploded.

And went on and on for over a half hour...

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Elizabeth said...

Those young Elders are going to go home with a fondness for you and dad, I just know it. They love you because you love them!