Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet Moments

The ballroom was large and we were hopeful of being able to fill the room. This was uncharted territory. Gathering people from the far corners of this big city and remembering that some traveled two hours to get to services on a regular Sunday. At the end we learned that not only did the room seem full we had 401 people in attendance and that was 60% of us.

The children from the Pathway Orphanage sang a musical number.

As they warmed up Elder and Sister Perkins from Hong Kong were able to shake every hand in the choir. Collectively there was a good spirit and...

On an individual basis there was special joys.

This man brought us early and then returned across town to get his family. At the hotel he had trouble with parking and we prayed that he would make it. In one of the last moments he entered the room and they were all in white.
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Elizabeth said...

I love all your details. And the family in white!