Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Step Two, Sunday Morning

We arrived at seven in the morning and this lovely room was over ninety degrees. A half hour later and having asked six or seven people we were able to get the air conditioning turned on and we had a wonderful setting ready when the first family arrived at nine o'clock. This was a miracle. Not the cool air but early arrivers. They were the first but others soon followed. It was exciting to see this change in a group of people who can be twenty minutes late to Church for sure and sometimes later.

President and Sister Nichols greeted the early arrivals. This was an amazing day. Not quite perfect but as close as you could ever hope in an old established area of the church and this was first time for this big city. The one thing that almost went wrong smoothed out at the last minute. No, make that second. Everyone from the north part of the city rode together on a chartered bus. Before the bus could get to them the bus driver got lost. Tense moments for them because they wanted to be on time but they also had the first speaker riding with them. We finally learned the problem and had a man in the parking lot waiting to guide the speaker upstairs and to the platform. The people on the bus had the speaker by the door and she was in her seat on time but so was the whole bus load. How did they all move so fast?

We had flowers
And Priesthood leaders from Chennai, India, California, Alaska and Salt Lake City via Hong Kong.
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Jaime said...

Those pics are just beautiful. What a lovely building. And that pic at the end of the leadership--it's cool how these people now have their own pioneer heritage and it's awesome you have been along to witness it.

Jenny said...


box number 2 arrived yesterday

Jack said...

Amazing photos and entries. I love that when I see your blog sometimes, there are multiple posts to read. It sounds like everything went well. Definitely a lot of hard work paid off.

Elizabeth said...

I love the last photo. Part of pioneer history for sure!