Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Storm clouds are fun but we only got the thick, low ceiling gray sky so maybe people were right and the weather patterns were changing . Everyone was saying it was a monsoon. We got so many opinions that we decided to check the Internet. No Monsoon, we were getting the first edge of a cyclone. Her name is Laila. It has rained hard all day and is moving fast. So it maybe north by tomorrow or at least soon.

When it rains it often gets hotter and after it rains the temperatures really go up. Staying home today worked as we only had one thing scheduled so we shifted it to Friday. The only thing that did not work was the clean up from the building that has been going on all day. For days they have been pounding on the walls reaming out cracks and filling them again and painting. Today was quiet but the electricity has been going out for several hours a day this week. Right after they came to check it we noticed a lot of gasoline smell coming in the windows from the street. A little later we discovered it wasn't from the street but that it had started when the front door was opened. The fumes were the most intensive by that door. Peeking out the glass peep viewer I saw a work man rubbing everything with a rag. Then I knew. No painter in India ever puts down a drop cloth before painting. The drips go right and left and down. The men were cleaning the thousands of drops of white paint with gasoline. No wonder Indian people have a short life span.
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Jaime said...

When you return home you are going to want to spend a week or two in the desert just to remember what it's like to actually want some moisture!

Elizabeth said...

Hot sticky cyclones, the weather you have experienced!