Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do I Miss My Little Pickup Truck?

When my husband bought me a pickup truck he mentioned that he didn't mind the price of the truck but he had great concern about what I might bring home in it. Since being in India I've learned to get good results by only using an auto. Our new Church is on the fifth floor of a new building. we are the first tenants and did our improvements. From a big empty space we created a meeting house with a welcoming atmosphere. Ever since moving in we have tried to get the outside nice too.
We walk in a separate pathway, but we knew that the general authority from Hong Kong would be driven in and get out in the parking garage. I took the pots off our terrace, the auto driver found dirt and we bought fresh new plants to put outside the elevator.
For weeks we had asked the owner to finish up the front. Finally the morning of our conference meetings works showed up to move the big pile of gravel. They started at eleven AM.
This is one "head full" at a time and walking up five stories of stairs where they piled the little rocks on the roof. It will be interesting to see how they will be used.
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Jaime said...

That seems like it will take forever. Hope it gets cleared on time for your conference. The plants look beautiful though!

Elizabeth said...

Like a real life amazing race tasked. Wow. I love your flower pots. You have always been able to make a place beautiful!